Ornamental and Functional Kitchen Scales in a Traditional Style

The traditional kitchen scales you might remember your grandparents using have largely been made redundant with the invention of modern technology. However, no digital scales quite match the beauty, elegance and character of the age-old weighing scales which have their origins in ancient Egypt. This Librasco Black No 5 Kitchen Scale is both for ornamental and functional purposes and will look delightful in a modern kitchen or dining room setting.

The scales are aluminium, the pan and scoop are stainless steel and the 7 Imperial weights are chrome plated. In fact, the scales can go in just about any room in the home and can be complimented with decorative items and antique weights. The scales are also symbolic features in a number of different cultures. In the West, they are traditionally seen as symbols of justice. Scales are also the symbol for the astrological sign Libra, hence the name of these scales.

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