Rings Lamp Table with Circular Base and Round Glass Top

A lamp table, as the name suggests, is a table made for the placement of table lamps in certain areas of the home. This Rings lamp table with a circular ring-like base and round glass top is a contemporary form of this furniture concept. It’s highly modern and has an industrial-type appeal that will compliment many décor styles which incorporate metal features into the overall scheme. The glass top allows light to shine through the glass and onto the chrome rings.

The Rings lamp table is certainly a feature piece and will attract attention wherever it is placed. Lamp tables are relatively small in size and are in many ways similar to bedside tables but are more suitable for living rooms, hallways, dining rooms and kitchens. The chrome finished base provides a strong and secure platform which will ensure the table does not topple over. Most types of lamp designs will suit this contemporary style and the furniture piece can be situated next to a sofa or chair, or alternatively by itself in a corner, against a wall or even in the middle of the room depending on the arrangement.

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