Royal Selangor Filled Pewter Theodore Teddy Bear

This pewter teddy bear ornament is an ideal gift for someone you know who loves teddy bears and cute decorative items. With its head slightly tilted to one side, the Royal Selangor Theodore Teddy will make an attractive addition to a living room shelf or bedroom cabinet surface. The filled pewter bear figurine is finely detailed giving the impression it is soft to the touch, rather like a child’s stuffed toy.

Crafted in bonded porcelain, the teddy can be given as a present to someone close to you, perhaps on their silver wedding anniversary, their new baby’s christening or their birthday. Alternatively, it can be just for you and be placed together with other teddy bear ornaments or animal themed decorations. It’s small but eye-catching and thus will provide a talking point amongst visiting friends and family, who will be unable to help themselves from picking it up.

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