Traditional Lord of the Manor Tapestry Footstool

Feel your home instantly gain a sense of genteelness with this elegant ‘Lord of the Manor’ tapestry footstool. Whether you are looking for genuine aristocratic decorative quality or for a gentle, humorous, and loving poke at Britain’s class structure, this footstool with a sizeable cushion will fit in to your home nicely. It’s decorated with a traditional textile design and will compliment other traditional decorative elements in a home décor scheme very well.

The tapestry footstool will make an excellent gift for a husband, father or grandfather who loves nothing more than to draw a seat by a raging fire and sip whisky or brandy before retiring for the night. They will be safe in the knowledge that when they awake their vast manor house … or semi-detached … will be just as grand as when they fell asleep. It’s sturdy and well-made meaning it will last for decades with good care. There’s no doubt that the Lord of the Manor footstool will be a talking point amongst visiting friends and family as well.

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