London Street Sign Cake Tins – Victoria Sponge and Angel Cake

Cake tins come in thousands of different designs but I doubt you will have seen one with this decidedly London theme to it. This set of 2 London street sign cake tins are by ‘My London’ and feature well-known streets that have been slightly altered with cake-themed words. For example, instead of the more familiar Victoria Street in London SW1, there is Victoria Sponge SW1 which is most definitely more appropriate for the storage of your prized sponge cakes.

These fun and jovial cake tins are both decorative and perfectly functional. They can be placed in a prominent position when guests visit so as to create a humorous focal point in the kitchen during a tea and cake social gathering. Their design echoes the colours and markings of the real street signs one finds across London. The tin cake tins are very easy to keep clean and will fit into any type of kitchen décor scheme with ease. They are a perfect addition to a home with a fondness for London life.

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