Handmade Glass Candleholder with 65-Hour Candle from Autograph

A glass candlestick with a beautifully elegant shape is a delightful feature for any interior setting. This Autograph Summer Manor Pillar Candleholder imbues good looks with contemporary taste and manages to be highly functional along with it too. That’s because it also comes with a large candle which has a total burning time of 65 hours, which is a decidedly long time and a good many dinner occasions.

Candleholders, or candlesticks, have been around for thousands of years and are used in most cultures around the world. With the development of electric lighting, the importance and necessity of candles to illuminate rooms for lighting purposes faded. Instead candlesticks and candleholders became mostly a decorative element for use in ambient lighting. Handmade glass candlesticks like this Autograph one are great contemporary versions of the traditional wooden holder.

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