Red Conran Bookend Clamp for an Industrial Looking Bookshelf

For a bit of an industrial look to your bookshelf, this red Conran bookend clamp will be the perfect addition to your book collection. If you’re looking for a more hard-edged feel to a bookshelf, a metal clamp is going to fulfil that requirement. Whether you’re collection of books is mostly novel based or all about technology and machinery, the easy-to-place aluminium clamp will ensure the books remain upright and in place.

Decoratively, the red Conran clamp will be ideally suited to an interior of a more contemporary nature but it will possibly merge in well with traditional décor themes, even ones like the country cottage style. It will fit well in a man’s room as well, perhaps in a home office interior where the husband works during the day. It will also look great in a teenager’s games room or bedroom.

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