Red Mini Cooper Clock with British Flag Roof

One of the most iconic British cars has to be the Mini. This red Mini Cooper clock with an eye-catching patriotic British flag roof is an ideal gift for petrolheads everywhere. It’s bold, it’s beautiful and it keeps time perfectly. What better time piece for someone who loves British car history and everything related to the best of Britain?

The Mini Cooper was developed in the 1960s primarily for use in road racing events but soon became a popular road car for the general public. It was designed to be a nimble, economical and inexpensive car. The Mini has gone on to be a much loved symbol and its’ most famous portrayal is probably in the film ‘The Italian Job’. If you have a fondness for the Mini and love a good bit of British patriotic nostalgia, then this red Mini Cooper clock with Union Flag roof will be right up your street.

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