Set of 6 Red Rose Place Mats Inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

For any admirer of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, this set of 6 red rose place mats for the dining room table will be very familiar. The famous Scottish artist, designer and architect was well-known for his floral-inspired decorative motifs which were frequently combined with strong lines and angles. This characteristic can be seen in these place mats as well as in window designs that formed part of the buildings he created.

A dinner table setting often requires a sense of elegance. This can be achieved with real flowers but parts of the dinnerware can also contribute to the decorative look. The abstract red rose design in a decidedly ‘Rennie Mac’ style will achieve a matching feature for the entire dinner table as well as artistic accents especially appealing to those with a fondness for Mackintosh designs but also, everyone else as well. Of course, they’ll also fulfil the primary role of a place mat which is to protect your table’s surface from heat, scratches and stains.

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