Stowaway Dining Table – Good Quality Foldaway Kitchen Furniture

Do you have a small kitchen? If so you will benefit from a foldaway dining table like the one pictured to the right. It’s made from good quality wood and is visually attractive meaning it will sit well in almost any kitchen environment. The round-top stowaway table design will be extremely beneficial for kitchens lacking space but which require a stable and spacious area in which to sit and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The round table top folds down in two places. Below are sizeable drawers in which to put cutlery and tableware accessories. Two cupboards are also part of the structure and can be used to store matching stowaway dining chairs, if you so choose, or other bits and pieces related to the kitchen. It even comes with wheels to make manoeuvrability even easier when dinnertime is finished and the table needs placing back against a wall.

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