4 Canvas Prints Spelling Out ‘Love’ by Lucinda Ireland

Each of the 4 canvas prints in this romantic themed collection spells out the word ‘Love’. Created by award-winning illustrator Lucinda Ireland, the prints are an ideal way to add colour, decorative texture, and a touch of romance to an interior setting. Whether in a bedroom, living room or kitchen, these four letters, arranged in whichever format you so desire, will transform a part of the room into something more beautiful and with added meaning.

Each of the 4 letters which make up the word ‘Love’ are individual and different from one another. They have been printed onto 100% cotton canvases which have been mounted onto sturdy engineered wood frames. This ensures they are strong and will last for a long time. One can arrange them into a square formation or alternatively form them into any type of pattern you like on a wall or placed against large furniture pieces. The options are limitless, just like love itself.

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