Legion Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels

Wooden pallets are normally used as storage and movement support structures. However, instead of cargo, this Legion coffee table uses old reclaimed pallets as the basis for its design. In fact, the whole table is one big pallet which has had wheels added to its base. Now the pallet, which might have travelled to all four corners of the globe during its transportation days, has become an attractive furniture piece for placement in a living room or similar domestic environment.

In fact, all pallets are stamped on their journeys across the globe and so each Legion coffee table provides a glimpse into its former life. The solid pine wood has been repaired and sandblasted for a textured finish and given a golden brown wax. The wheels have breaks so as to avoid undesired movement. The pallet coffee table is visually appealing and highly functional, providing a main table top as well as some storage space for bits and pieces underneath, as one can see from the picture. If you like sustainable living and eco-friendly furniture, then this will be a great addition to your home.

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