Ott Hooks: Multi-Coloured Door Hook Strips

Tired of the boring door hooks you have on your bedroom or bathroom door? If so, have a quick look at these Ott hooks which are the creation of the award winning designed studio known as Viable London. They are contemporary, eye-catching, colourful and above all, highly functional, and will give your doors an added oomph to them you could not have imagined was possible. Minimalist in design and industrial in appearance and feel, they are the perfect addition to a contemporary home setting.

The set of 4 Ott Hooks come in four different colours as well as lengths. They are very simple to attach to a door and are merely placed over the top like a standard, although more mundane, door hook you are probably more used to. They are made from steel and come with rounded edges plus adhesive rubber so as to protect your door from damage. The hooks are separate from one another meaning they can be arranged in any order or placed on various different doors within the home.

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