‘Posh Paws’ Pet Doormat for Hallway and Kitchen Floors

Exhausted by continuously having to wipe the floor after your dog comes in from a walk? This funny and quirky ‘Posh Paws’ doormat is an ideal hallway or kitchen floor accessory for homes with dogs and indeed, children. The doormat is made from a special tufted cotton which picks up dirt surprisingly well from your pet’s paws as it makes its way into your house.

Another positive feature of this funny doormat is that it can be washed in the machine and comes out as good as new. On all floor surfaces, it is non-slippy which ensures safety for all the family. Visiting friends and guests will be unable not to smile as the reference to your pets, whether they are indeed posh or not. Cats of course are meticulously clean animals (and think themselves very well-to-do) but this mat will also be good for a household full of cats who can run excitedly through a cat flap after having played (murdered birds) in the garden.

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