Small Round Retro Table with Clock Face Top

This small round side table has a decidedly retro look to it which is complimented with a fully working clock face table top. It’s both a functional item of furniture as well as a functional time piece for telling the time of day with. The table is similar in many ways to an old pub, bar or railway station table one would have found way back when. It’s antique nature sure to match and merge with various existing décor arrangements.

The round side table features an antique brass finish rim which surrounds a large distressed red clock face. The clock works perfectly well and is in an ideal position for anyone wanting to keep track of time during a coffee break, quick sit down, or a glance at the newspaper before returning to a chore. A round heavy base keeps the table secure and makes it a great furniture piece for a kitchen, dining room or living room with a vintage ambiance.

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