Vintage Hanging Railway Station Clock for the Home Interior

This double-sided hanging railway station clock is a vintage decorative feature for a variety of home interior styles. Anyone familiar with the stations of old, either from living memory or from the old black and white films of yesteryear, will recognise the beautiful design and ornate framework of this wall clock. It’s romantic and retro with not only a decorative quality but very much a functional side to it as well, with a fully functioning clock piece to keep the time of day with.

I have a vintage wall clock just like this one in my own home and I would be hard pressed to be without it now. It’s become a fundamental part of the living room’s décor and so much so, that friends have also added one to their homes. A hanging railway station clock is different from a standard wall clock and will add character, decorative interest, and a unique way of telling the time. It will appeal to many tastes but especially those with a love of old British design styles and railway history.

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