Ceramic Oystercatcher Decoy Bird Sculpture

Bird sculptures on one singular pillar are frequently termed as decoy birds. This beautiful decorative ceramic oystercatcher decoy bird sculpture is just such an example and is available to buy. The curving form of the bird and long straight beak, together with the simple platform on which it is positioned, will add a touch of […]

Hand Painted Tang Battle Horse Sculpture

Horses have been a feature of Chinese culture and history for 1000s of years. This hand painted Tang battle horse sculpture captures both the fascinating part horses played in the history of China plus the wonderful features of what is truly a beautiful animal. If you hold a fascination with the history and cultures of […]

Royal Selangor Filled Pewter Theodore Teddy Bear

This pewter teddy bear ornament is an ideal gift for someone you know who loves teddy bears and cute decorative items. With its head slightly tilted to one side, the Royal Selangor Theodore Teddy will make an attractive addition to a living room shelf or bedroom cabinet surface. The filled pewter bear figurine is finely […]

Aluminium Stag Head Wall Hanging with Silver Finish

Animal trophy heads are largely associated with big stately homes where the results of the lordship’s hunting expeditions are taxidermied and attached to the wall on plaques. However, this needn’t be the case nowadays where an animal-friendly, cheap and stylish alternative can be enjoyed. A great example is this fine aluminium stag head wall hanging […]

Bronze Sculpture of Two Cats Cheek to Cheek

This wonderful sculpture by renowned artist Paul Jenkins will be sure to get any cat lover’s heart melting. Cats are special creatures and their agile, curving and sophisticated forms make them the perfect subject for artists and sculptors around the world. Part of the Frith Sculpture range, these two cats will make an excellent addition […]

Frith Sculpture Huey Hare with Bronze Finish by Paul Jenkins

If like me you find the natural world an amazing and beautiful arena where art and poetry is inspired at every turn, then you’ll love with adorable bronze hare statue by Paul Jenkins. A delightful expression of gentle puzzlement is etched across the animal’s face as it sits with seeming contentment. The sculpture will look […]

Acacia Wood Elephant Sculpture in Simplistic Style

Know anyone who likes elephants? Do you yourself have a fondness for these large and noble creatures? If so, you are more than likely to find yourself enthusiastic over this stunning acacia wood elephant sculpture from John Lewis. The simple style of the sculpture adds character to the piece whilst its rough outline contributes to […]

Cast Iron Scottish Terrier Dog Bookends

For anyone who loves small dogs, this cast iron pair of Scottish Terrier bookends will make a lovely addition to a bookshelf or table. With life-like detailing, the Scottie dog bookends can hold a collection of books together whether this be in a home study interior or in the main living room or master bedroom. […]

Metal Bronze Meerkat Sculpture by Paul Jenkins

Everyone in Britain by now is familiar with the ubiquitous insurance advert featuring the talking meerkats. This metal meerkat sculpture brings this beautiful creature a little closer to home and will look adorable in a living room or dining room. Maxwell is its name and it has been created by Paul Jenkins who has designed […]