Real Marble Toilet Brush Holder for Elegant Bathrooms

This marble toilet brush holder is a get accessory to match with the bathroom tiling. Whatever your bathroom décor scheme, the marble holder will be both eye-catching and an elegant feature in a variety of decorative styles. Family members and guests alike will never fail to be amazed by the attractive brush holder and will […]

Purple Bathroom Accessories for the Home

Throughout history, the colour purple has been synonymous with royalty and wealth. There’s also a certain connotation with spirituality and wisdom. This is why purple can be a popular colour choice for interiors such as the bedroom or bathroom. In this case, I want to briefly focus on purple bathroom accessories and point you in […]

Burford Stainless Steel 4-Hole Toothbrush Holder

With more than 2 people in a household, it’s wise to purchase a toothbrush holder that can cater to more teeth cleaning tools. This Burford stainless steel toothbrush holder can hold up to 4 at any one time and provide an attractive and simple storage element to the bathroom interior. Placed directly on the sink […]

Aquala Bamboo Bath Caddy With Book Rest by Luciano Lorenzatti for Umbra

Do you like to read in the bath? If so, you are likely to fall in love with this wonderful bamboo bath caddy bridge with built-in book-rest. The Aquala bamboo caddy is expandable thus making it suitable for different sized bath tubs and adjustments related to comfort for your particular bathroom. There’s space for a […]

Red Toilet Paper For Bottoms With Attitude

Tired of boring bog paper? Try some red toilet paper instead and listen to the reaction when guests visit the lavatory. “What the hell is this?!” they’ll exclaim before folding up into laughter. They are not just fun novelty bathroom accessories either for they are perfectly functional as well as environmentally friendly. The red Renova […]