Sanitary Paper Co Toilet Roll Holder Based on Victorian Design

This toilet roll holder comes with more history than any other. It’s a faithful copy of an old Victorian design from the old Sanitary Paper Company. The toilet accessory was claimed to be the first holder able to hold un-perforated toilet paper. It was even mentioned in the 5th July 1884 ‘Ironmonger’ periodical and was […]

Waterfall Style Bath Taps

These waterfall style bath taps mimic in design the natural flow of real waterfalls. When the taps are turned on, water flows from the central spout into the bathtub in a similar fashion to how water cascades over rocky outcrops. The linear design makes it a unique and attractive fitting for many styles of bathroom, […]

Curved Corner Towel Heater for Small Bathrooms

Towel heaters keep towels warm ready for use in drying your body when you come out of the shower or bath. This attractive curved corner towel heater is ideal for the smaller bathroom interior which does not have enough spare wall space on which to attach a more standard heater. The curved version is just […]

Cubist Bath Taps

For anyone who has an affection of Cubist Art, then these cubist taps for a bathtub will be right up your street. The cube bath taps are a popular choice when it comes to fittings and lend their design to shapes and forms one will see elsewhere in the bathroom interior. The more regular round […]