Nebula Chandelier with Multiple Curving Arms

The Nebula Chandelier certainly lives up to its name. The lighting fixture features a central chrome sphere from which comes a multitude of irregularly curving arms. Each of these arms ends with either a light bulb or a crystal globe. In Latin, nebula means ‘cloud’, and this is an apt name for such a stunning […]

Blackcurrant Adele Pendant Ceiling Light

The first impression one might gain when looking at this beautiful blackcurrant Adele pendant ceiling light is that it is rather reminiscent of a disco ball. However, that’s where the similarities end, for this light is a delightful lighting feature for just about any room in the home. The egg-shaped oval design together with the […]

White Bloom Pendant Lampshade Inspired by Flower Petals

Inspired by the curving forms of a flower petal, this white bloom pendant lampshade is a beautiful choice for a ceiling light. Made from recyclable materials, the lampshade’s shape allows for light to be cast in different directions thereby creating an impressive feature to any type of interior space. As is often the case, items […]

Delicate Blossom Pendant Light for the Ceiling

We’ve all been taken aback by the beauty of nature at one time or another. This delicate blossom pendant light for the ceiling is no doubt based on inspiration garnered from the wild. Flowers often make a summer and there’s little more beautiful than blossom in a garden or meadow. It’s sad to see it […]