Rustic Oak Wood Coffee Table with 4 Drawers

Looking for a good quality coffee table with drawers, preferably made from solid oak wood? If so, you will definitely like this coffee table which is pictured here. The rustic farmhouse style is evident and the table will compliment décor schemes associated with more traditional charm and character. The ample drawer space brings added functionality […]

Legion Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels

Wooden pallets are normally used as storage and movement support structures. However, instead of cargo, this Legion coffee table uses old reclaimed pallets as the basis for its design. In fact, the whole table is one big pallet which has had wheels added to its base. Now the pallet, which might have travelled to all […]

Union Jack Trunk Coffee Table Imbued with British Charm

You can use this Union Jack trunk coffee table in a variety of ways. As the name suggests it can be used as a coffee table and placed in a central position in a living room or kitchen area, or alternatively it can be employed as a storage trunk for placement in a bedroom, hallway […]

Round Drum-Shaped Stonehenge Coffee Table

A circular coffee table with a contemporary look is going to open up interior décor possibilities that a standard rectangular coffee table will not. This round drum-shaped coffee table called ‘Stonehenge’ is an eye-catching modern take on the traditional living room table design. The main role of a coffee table of any type is to […]

Rubberwood and Mango Coffee Table from the Jafar Collection

Bringing a touch of the exotic into a room can be just what the designer ordered. More often than not, interior design schemes can become a bit stale and require a little injection of foreign influence. Take a look at this rubberwood and mango coffee table for example which is part of the Jafar Collection […]

Palonia Solid Paulownia Wood Coffee Table with Floral Patterns

One of the many things I enjoyed working on during my art classes at school was woodworking and creating decorative and elaborate boxes, sculptures and, to my great satisfaction, intricately designed tables. This Palonia coffee table made from Paulownia wood brought the memories flooding back and brought a smile to my face. For anyone lacking […]

Bordeaux Oval Coffee Table With 2 Drawers

No matter how large the surface area of a coffee table, there always seems to be a time when we could do with a whole lot more space. This Bordeaux oval coffee table fulfils this desire with the addition of two drawers and shelving beneath the top of the table. These inbuilt qualities are going […]

Floral Marrakesh Style Coffee Table

When visiting guests first see this delightful floral coffee table they will think you’ve recently returned from a holiday in Morocco. What’s more, they’ll believe you’ve bought this table in some romantic Marrakesh souk and brought it all the way home with you. That’s exactly what this table is meant to be, a Marrakesh style […]