Heavy Napoleon Doorstop Sculpture in Cast Iron

Do you have a door or two in your home which require a bit of sturdiness to keep open? If so, this heavy and strong Napoleon doorstop sculpture made in cast iron will be the perfect door accessory for your needs. It’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing, which is a bonus when it comes to […]

‘Posh Paws’ Pet Doormat for Hallway and Kitchen Floors

Exhausted by continuously having to wipe the floor after your dog comes in from a walk? This funny and quirky ‘Posh Paws’ doormat is an ideal hallway or kitchen floor accessory for homes with dogs and indeed, children. The doormat is made from a special tufted cotton which picks up dirt surprisingly well from your […]

Ott Hooks: Multi-Coloured Door Hook Strips

Tired of the boring door hooks you have on your bedroom or bathroom door? If so, have a quick look at these Ott hooks which are the creation of the award winning designed studio known as Viable London. They are contemporary, eye-catching, colourful and above all, highly functional, and will give your doors an added […]