Heavy Napoleon Doorstop Sculpture in Cast Iron

Do you have a door or two in your home which require a bit of sturdiness to keep open? If so, this heavy and strong Napoleon doorstop sculpture made in cast iron will be the perfect door accessory for your needs. It’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing, which is a bonus when it comes to […]

Tasteful Fabric Owl Doorstop

Doorstops are usually rather brutish looking things but are accepted because of their functionality when it comes to holding a door open. However, you can also find decorative ones such as this tasteful red and white fabric owl doorstop. Instead of a boring metal brick or wooden wedge, this owl doorstop will add a vibrant, […]

Hessian Door Stop with Decorative Beaded Tassel

Tired of propping open the doors in your home with shoes, brooms or chairs? A beautiful Hessian door stop is most definitely a better alternative and one which will give your interior decor a lift. This one to the right is handmade in the fair county of Suffolk and comes with a decorative beaded tassel. […]

Kid’s Red Car Doorstop Covered With Fine Quality Cotton

Little boys love playing with toy cars. It is therefore no surprise that they will adore car themed accessories for their bedroom or playroom. This kid’s red car doorstop is a functional decorative addition for beside a doorway of the child’s special room. When the door needs to be kept ajar for ventilation or playtime […]