Red Conran Bookend Clamp for an Industrial Looking Bookshelf

For a bit of an industrial look to your bookshelf, this red Conran bookend clamp will be the perfect addition to your book collection. If you’re looking for a more hard-edged feel to a bookshelf, a metal clamp is going to fulfil that requirement. Whether you’re collection of books is mostly novel based or all […]

High Quality 4-Slice Red Vario Toaster – Made in England

This red Vario toaster will make a lovely addition to a kitchen interior with a decidedly red décor scheme. The 4-slice toaster is actually made for commercial use but has become increasingly popular in domestic settings. This is thanks to the ingenious award winning and patented ProHeat technology which guarantees increased life and efficiency of […]

Red Bobble Table Lamp with Candlestick-Style Base

One of the best ways to bring a dash of colour to an interior space is through the medium of light. This delightfully cheerful and energetic red Bobble lamp is a fine example of how a room can be transformed from the mundane and ordinary to the exciting and stimulating. Not only does it provide […]

Red Retro Tea, Coffee & Sugar Storage Jar Set in Enamel

I remember when I was a child, my parents had a red and white themed kitchen. They complimented the general theme with red, white and other colourful accessories and as a whole, it looked fantastic. My mother was an interior décor enthusiast and so it was no great surprise the scheme worked. Functional red accessories […]

Red Man on a Gondola Spoon Rest – Koziol Luigi

The Koziol Luigi spoon rest is an exciting red accessory designed specifically for the kitchen. A little red gondolier figure stands upon a traditional looking flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat (the gondola) with his arms out stretched ready to take care of various kitchen utensils such as a spoon. The little man is full of character […]

Telephone in the Shape of Red Lips

Whether you’re a Chatty Hatty or a Marilyn Monroe look-alike, you’re bound to find the perfect place in your home for this telephone in the shape of red lips. This pair of smackers will keep you and your friends entertained for hours whether talking to someone in another country or in the same room. It’s […]

Guzzini Latina Set of 5 Red Knives with Block

The Guzzini Latina red knife set with accompanying ultra-modern block is one of the most unusual knife sets I’ve seen. The sculptural knife block is akin to liquid metal and is certainly a stylish feature for a kitchen interior. Designed by Angeletti Ruzza, the luxury highly polished stainless steel knife set and block will draw […]

Red Butterfly Clock with 3 Individual Matching Butterflies

Few clocks allow you to be as creative as the red butterfly wall clock by Susanne Philippson. Highly philosophical in meaning, the butterfly clock symbolises the passing of time and the moments in life that pass us by and fly away without us even realising. For artists, poets and creative minds, this dynamic wall clock […]

Red Toilet Paper For Bottoms With Attitude

Tired of boring bog paper? Try some red toilet paper instead and listen to the reaction when guests visit the lavatory. “What the hell is this?!” they’ll exclaim before folding up into laughter. They are not just fun novelty bathroom accessories either for they are perfectly functional as well as environmentally friendly. The red Renova […]

Red Classic Dial Telephone Based on a 1970s Model

I’m old enough to remember the classic dial phones from before the age of touch tones and mobiles. This red classic dial telephone is an exciting accessory to bring a retro feel to an interior. Based on a 1970s model of phone, the old-fashioned rotary dial will bring back memories for the older generations and […]

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