Guide to Buying Bathroom Accessories Online in the UK

The furniture and fixtures are the most expensive elements you’ll need to think about when redesigning a bathroom. However, when all these are in place, a bathroom will need some accessories to make the interior more functional to the touch and decorative on the eye. Bathroom accessories are a vital ingredient you’ll need to consider and this guide shows you some of the varied items you can purchase for this important and much used room in the home. Read through the guide and then decide on which elements you’d like to add to your bathroom.

Types of Bathroom Accessories

Bath and Shower Mats – Whether your bathroom floor is covered with carpet, vinyl or tiles, the chances of that floor getting a good soaking every time you exit from the bath or shower are large. Protect your flooring with a bath or shower mat which can also add a decorative feature to the interior. You can find mats and rugs for the bathroom in a multitude of designs. Also think about the floor areas beneath the sink and toilet.

Shower Curtains – These are an indispensable feature to any bathroom with a bathtub shower. They are easy to install and very simple to clean. Shower curtains come in a multitude of colours and themes but in most cases, a simple white curtain will suffice, décor-wise. For households with children, more decorative and fun curtains can be found with cartoon, animal and movie characters as their themes.

Bins – You can find special bathroom bins in most online shops catering for the home. These are usually plastic or metal and designed with a flapping lid which makes it very simple to drop rubbish inside. Other designs include a foot pedal bin which lifts the lid without you having to use your hands. Bathroom bins can be found in most colours, including stainless steel.

Laundry Baskets – Some people place their laundry baskets in the bedroom, whilst others place them in a utility room or kitchen annex, and many others, in the bathroom. If you’re one of the latter, then a good quality laundry basket or bag will help to fuse functionality and decoration into one. Laundry baskets can be found in a myriad of materials with wicker and rattan being the most popular. Laundry bags often feature decorative patterns and colours which can complement and enhance existing bathroom décor.

Scales – Bathroom scales provide a handy means of weighing yourself every week or month (or every few hours in some cases). A wide range of styles and technological designs can be found which will appeal to household members with a desire to lose weight.

Shaving and Make-Up Mirrors – These small mirrors are perfect for a man’s morning shave or for a woman’s application of make-up. Some come in a free-standing format for placement on a table or sink whilst others can be attached to a wall and extend outwards.

Soap Dispensers – Liquid soap has become more and more popular over recent years and has replaced the traditional bar of soap in many homes across the British Isles. Whilst the containers that liquid soap comes in are functional enough, they are usually not visually appealing and do little for a bathroom’s overall décor scheme. Special soap dispensers are a great alternative and are easy to refill when needed. They can be found in a variety of shapes and colours for a myriad of backdrops.

Toilet Brush Holders – In most bathrooms, the toilet brush holder is hidden as best as possible behind the toilet. The majority are plastic, dull and best left forgotten. That said, there are some nice stainless steel brush holders and these look good in contemporary style bathrooms. This necessary but often frowned upon item of bathroom equipment doesn’t have to be seen as something to be kept out of sight, as long as its regularly cleaned of course.

Accessory Sets – Mix and match bathroom accessories, bought individually and then brought together willy-nilly, might look good in a Bohemian or student sink area but not in a normal household bathroom. It’s always sensible and decoratively beneficial to buy bathroom accessory sets consisting of items in one single design style, colour and material. What’s usually included in an accessory set? You’ll find a soap dispenser, soap dish, toothbrush holder, shaving/make-up mirror and tumbler (plus in some cases, toilet brush and toilet roll holders). Buying a set is often cheaper overall than buying each item individually.

Towels – Cotton is the most popular choice when it comes to towel materials. Bathroom towels usually fall into three categories. These are the bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths. Bath towels are the largest you’ll find and are used primarily to dry the body after bathing or showering. Hand towels are used predominantly beside the sink area and as the name suggests are for the drying of hands. Wash cloths are the smallest bathroom towel and are used as cleansing wipes during the washing session. All three styles of bathroom towel comes in hundreds of different colours and patterns and can really enhance the look of a bathroom décor scheme.

Soap Dishes – Bars of soap are still popular despite the rise in use of liquid soap. In order to stop the bar of soap from slipping into the sink as well as staining the sink surround, it is useful to purchase a soap dish. These come in a whole host of different designs, from the ultra-contemporary flashy dishes to the mundane plastic ones which are as dull as an autumn sky but get the job done.

Tooth Brush Holders – Many families store their tooth brushes in tumblers. This is rather unhygienic, to say the least. The most functional way to store a brush is with the use of a good quality tooth brush holder which can sit on your sink or on a table nearby. Some tooth brush holders can be attached to the wall and these are particularly beneficial in small bathroom interiors.