Guide to Buying Bathroom Rugs and Mats Online in the UK

You might imagine that buying a new bath or shower rug for the bathroom is a simple decision. In many ways it is but there are a few factors to consider before you press the ‘buy now’ button when shopping online. Rugs and mats for the bathroom are an important element to the overall scheme of the room and factor in the functionality, safety and decorative ambiance of the interior. This comprehensive guide to buying bath rugs and mats online in the United Kingdom will show you the various decisions you’ll need to make in order to find the right product for your bathroom floor.

Bathroom Rugs and Mats

Members of the Family – What age range are the people who will be using the bathroom in? This might seem a relatively unimportant question but it’s actually very significant. Elderly people will likely need more non-slip bathroom rugs and mats, especially if the underlying floor surface is not carpeted. Young children will like more colourful and exciting mats and rugs which can help them become more amenable to certain bathroom activities like bath-time and brushing their teeth.

Floor Surface – The underlying floor surface is another factor to consider. Tiled flooring can become slippery when wet and so for children and elderly mats made from non-slip materials will be in order. Carpeted bathroom floors will need extra protection from water splashes and so larger and more numerous rugs will be needed.

Size – Before you even log onto the internet and browse through our catalogue of British shopping websites, you will need to measure the dimensions of the floor space in your bathroom. More often than not, we misjudge the size of an item as compared to the interior space in which we wish to place it. In order to avoid finding out the delightfully designed rug you ordered online is bigger than anticipated, you will need to get out the measuring tape. It’s simple to do and is explained in more detail here: Measuring a Room.

All product pages will give the exact measurements of the rug or mat.

Appearance – Bathroom rugs and mats come in a huge variety of different styles, colours, shapes, patterns and sizes. Whether you have a themed bathroom décor arrangement or merely a normal contemporary or traditional design, you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for online. Some shapes will lend themselves better to certain parts of the bathroom than others, most notably rugs for placement around the toilet. Circular rugs will look good in the centre of large bathrooms whilst rectangular rugs can be placed just about anywhere. Browse through some bathroom pictures on the internet to gain some inspiration.

Material – Most bathroom rugs are made from either cotton or man-made fibres such as acrylic, rayon and polypropylene, to name just a few. Cotton is relatively durable and comfortable to the touch, although it doesn’t always mix well with water if left damp and not dried on a frequent basis. The man-made materials are naturally more durable and capable of holding out well when wet and trodden on a lot. For an exotic touch, bamboo is also a sound possibility when it comes to bathroom rugs and mats.