Guide to Buying New Living Room Furniture Online in the UK

Living room furniture is the most important purchasing choice you are going to have to make. In more ways than one, furniture is an investment for the future and it is therefore vital that you select the right piece for your home as well as your tastes. However, despite the importance of choosing the right sofa, side table, armchair or bookshelf, selecting furniture is also a fun task for most people and with a little guidance, it’s near impossible to go wrong.

Tips on Choosing Living Room Furniture

There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing furniture for the living room online. These also apply to shopping in local or distant furniture stores as well. The following will give you some guidance when selecting which piece is right for your particular home:

Glass Furniture – Many furniture items, especially those of a contemporary nature, are either made entirely out of glass (or polypropylene) or have a glass aspect to their general design. For smaller rooms this can hold a great benefit and make the interior look bigger, brighter and altogether more cheerful.

Wooden Furniture – Most furniture is made from wood in some form or another. The material is ubiquitous and is seen in the construction of bookshelves, cabinets, coffee tables, end tables, chairs and chests, to name but just a few. Wood furniture looks highly appealing, hence its popularity, however, it can seem a little too hard and sharp so it should be matched with softer accessories such as cushions, throws and rugs.

Dark Wood Furniture – The darker the wood, the heavier the furniture piece will visually seem. Dark wood furniture is best suited for medium to large interior spaces rather than smaller rooms, which will be overwhelmed.

Living Room Display and Storage Furniture – The living room is the one interior in the home likely to gather clutter the easiest. This is because it is the most used room in the home and so it is important to contemplate some storage and/or display furniture to add to the interior. Think along the lines of television stands, shelving units, display cabinets, bookcases, sideboards and trunks. A vast range of tables, of varying types, also include drawer and shelf space thus making the storage of everyday objects that much more easier.

Living Room TablesTables for the living room come in a myriad of sizes, materials, styles and shapes. For example, there are side tables (for placement next to an armchair), end tables (for the end of a sofa), behind sofa tables, coffee tables, accent tables (that just sit looking pretty), drinks tables and lamp/plant tables. These range from the traditional wooden styles to the flamboyant modern in materials such as metal and glass.

Matching Furniture Ranges – Large rooms can get away with mismatching furniture but the smaller the living room, the more important it is to find furniture that fits together in the same style. Living room furniture ranges are therefore a great idea when it comes to choosing a completely new furniture collection.

Choosing the Size of the Living Room Furniture

Get a piece of measuring tape out and measure the dimensions of the space in which the intended living room furniture piece is to be situated. If necessary, use newspaper pages as markers to draw out a space on the floor as to where a sofa, chair, coffee table or entertainment centre is going to go.

Be aware of the access space around each item of furniture. People have to walk comfortably around the living room without bumping their feet, hips or heads against furniture which is basically too big for the location it is supposed to fit. Remember any drawers or cupboard doors need to open and so allow space for those too.

Fitting your new furniture piece into the living room when it has arrived is another matter to consider. Measure the doorway into the interior and bear in mind that the sofa, armchair or bookcase is going to have to fit through the gap. If you have large French windows leading directly into the living room, then this won’t be so much of a problem. Consider too all other home entry spaces and routes prior to the living room door as they will also need to be navigated by you or furniture delivery men.